The mission of Friends of Reut is to strengthen the vision of the state of Israel as a Jewish, democratic and prosperous state.

To fulfill this mission, Friends of Reut supports programs that develop educational materials and conduct research, and studies and disseminates information regarding the future of the state of Israel in a nonpartisan and advocacy-free manner.

Friends of Reut is the primary supporter of the Reut Group,  a non-partisan and non-profit organization based in Tel Aviv, focused on creating and scaling effective models to tackle some of the toughest challenges facing Israel and the Jewish People, while making a significant and distinct contribution to humanity.

Reut’s vision is of a secure, resilient and prosperous State of Israel, which makes a significant and distinct contribution to humanity. Its mission is to create and scale political and economic models which serve this vision.

Reut’s projects combine research and strategy, design and technology, field work and ‘adaptive leadership’. It specializes in identifying Israel’s blind spots, researching them, creating new visions for enhancing prosperity and security, piloting them and creating scalable models.

Programs developed at Reut have become official government policy. Many of these programs are transferable to other nations and states, such as: how to lift unproductive cities out of the cycle of poverty; how to train real leaders for public service; and how to move a nation into the top tier of nations in terms of economic success and citizen well-being.

Reut offers its services pro-bono and is supported through donations.